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Monday, October 21, 2002
Here's the news on the first big patch coming up!

A content update of Earth & Beyond will be released later this month that includes several new missions, high-level items, new information on trade goods, and enhancements to the embedded browser.

This month's update will go live Oct. 30 and will include:

-New missions for all character archetypes.
-New unique items that are dropped when players kill high-level monsters.
-A speed increase to all ships while planet side.
-Improved item drops for mid- to high-level monsters.
-Additional information on trade good items.
-Graphical enhancements to combat.
-Enhancements to the embedded browser.
-For more information on the upcoming patch, you can read the official press release on the main Westwood site.

In addition to the planned monthly updates, Westwood will release event patches for special occasions, including one planned for Oct. 31. This patch will deliver content for a special in-game Halloween event to be held that day.

Just a little FYI that I saw on another site, thought I'd spread the word.

Sorry I haven't been on the last few days, but we're doing all kinds of crazy stuff on post.  I guess we're getting ready for war;).



Sunday, October 20, 2002
Well, we're all doing pretty good.  I'm glad to see that everyone is working so well together.  Of course we still haven't figured out a way to get the rank structure up without upsetting too many people.  As you can see by looking at the member list, we have a lot of officers compared to sergeants, but we seem to have a lot more members and recruits after this weekend.  Which brings me to my next topic.  Officers and Sergeants supposedly can recruit people, but Sergeants must use the text command to do it.  This command is /gc recruit <name>.  That should solve some of the problems because one of the reasons people want to be officers is so they can recruit people.  Also, Officers can promote people from recruit to member, but they also have to use the text command, which is /gc promote <name>.  There, that should make some people happy.

Also, I'm officially implementing the buddy system.  From now on, whenever someone new is added to the guild, they will be assigned a buddy who is Sergeant or above.  It will be based on who recruited them if possible, and play schedules.  Once the recruit has played enough to be left on their own, based on the recommendation of the buddy and the acceptance of an officer, they will be promoted to member status.  I'll add this to the official rank structure on the guild charter as soon as we get the rest of the rank problem figured out.  For now, everyone just go with the flow.

I think that's all I got, so until next time, take care spideyfans.



Wednesday, October 16, 2002
I've added the images I've gotten to the members list page.  There are a lot more people in the guild that I don't have images for so if you haven't, please do.  All I need are 2 screenshots from the game, one of your ship, and another of your character.  You can use the F10 key to go to different camera angles and use the shift key and the mouse to zoom and the control key and the mouse to rotate; then use the scroll lock key to take the picture.  Please try and prevent your ship from getting covered by any of the HUD stuff, like the chat window.  You can get a screen shot of your character at the character selection screen, just select the character and press the Scroll Lock key.  The image file will be in located in c:/Program Files/EA Games/Earth & Beyond/data/client/output if you installed to the default directory.

As far as the guild goes, we are currently working out a way to make rank a little more fair to everyone.  I know a lot of people want to get recognized for their deeds, and that's one of the reason they want rank.  So, we're trying to figure out a way to acknowledge people's deeds and not have a guild full of officers.  The hardest part is working with the ranks that EnB supports.  Please feel free to check out the forums to monitor the progress or give some input.

That's really all I have for now.  I'll try and keep the news on this site updated more often.  I do a lot of stuff here, but generally don't update the news section... sorry.  Most of my typing time is spent in the forums on in the game, so it's always wise to check the forum at least every few days to see what's going on.  You will have to sign up to post, but it really is worth it, especially if you're a member of the guild.

Peace out, homies!



Sunday, October 13, 2002

Well, what an exciting weekend.  We got several new members and almost our first guild event.  This pseudo event was the trade weekend marathon that many took part in, though not nearly as many as we had anticipated.  Hopefully, our next event will be something that grabs everyone's attention a little bit better.  After Kyronus, Ealpha and myself were destroyed by Red Dragon members, perhaps we will have to retaliate in some way.  Which reminds me that anyone finding anyone from the guild Jovian Council in need should help them out.  They came to our groups rescue when no one else was willing.  Well, Kyronus was on his way, but that just makes the story that much more complicated, doesn't it?

I got a few ship and avatar shots in so far, but I need more.  At least, if you want me to put your glorious designs up here for all the world to see, anyway.  I'll be adding shots of the avatars and ships to a members list of sorts that includes the images of the character and their ship, as well as their ships name.  I think it's kind of odd you name your ship and no one will ever know it's name.  I love my ship, the Demonic Influence, though I've seen several ships with similar designs a few times around the galaxy now.

Also, please remember that we have forums available for your use.  Don't worry about signing up and getting spam because of it.  I don't get anymore since I signed up than I did before.  This is a place for you to share your views about the game and help to steer the course of the guild into a direction that you would like to see it take.  It's there for everyone to use, so don't be shy about using it.

Well, I think that's all I got for tonight.  Take care of yourself, and each other.



Friday, October 11, 2002
I'm working on getting the guild charter complete even as I write this.  It should be posted soon.  Keep in mind that it will be rather short.  This is done on purpose.  The guild charter is being designed to be an evolving document rather than something that will be set in stone for all time.  It is set up that way so that all members of the guild, especially the founding members, can get their views into the guild and help to shape it's future.  Well, I've talked enough, I must get back to work.  Take care!



Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Well, I really don't know what to do with this website, but I thought that the guild should have one.  Seeing all the stuff on the official Earth and Beyond website, it's kind of hard to decide what to put on here.  I mean, it has member listings, a news thing, and other such wonderful guild information type things.  So, what should I put up here?  Well, we are on the Galileo Galaxy and we have mostly Jenquai as members but I think that is mostly because the guild started at Paren Station.  I don't think we have a home base as of yet, so if you have any ideas, feel free to e-mail me at omnipotenteye@cox.net.  Other than that, I'll work on this some more in the next few days, and hopefully have something more informative up by Tuesday ( I have a 4 day weekend, so I have time).  Also, I'm no web site or graphic design super woman, so don't expect to see the quality that you see on other guild sites... sorry I have to get a little bit of self doubt in here now and again.

Anyway, that's all I got.  Take care. 






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